Diego Zanetti photographer

THE SMALL FLOCK (Samaria, Palestinians Territories)

IL PICCOLO GREGGE (Samaria, Territori Palestinesi)

Each year, for Passover, all seven hundred Samaritans, the last community in the world, meet in Kyriat Luza on the Mount Gerizim, a Jewish colony in the Palestinian territory, in the heart of Samaria. The principles of the Samaritan faith are four: worshiping one divinity The God of Israel, invoking only one prophet, Moses, studying a single sacred book, the Pentateuch, and respecting a sacred place, the Gerizim. The Samaritans are not considered Jews. Divided by these when the tribes of the north, with Samaria in the middle, separated from the south of Judah, with Jerusalem at the centre. In the fourth century BC this community built a shrine at the foot of Gerizim, but destroyed in 128 BC by the Jews. Since then, however, it is considered the sacred place of the Samaritan tradition.

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