Diego Zanetti photographer

THE SILENCE OF THE WIND (Rashaida, Palestinian Territories)

IL SILENZIO DEL VENTO (Rashaida, Territori Palestinesi)

The day of every Bedouin woman starts at four when the muezzin begins to sing. While it is still dark and all sleep, she begins to stir milk fermenting in goat’s skin, she feeds the dromedaries and take the goats out to pasture. When she comes back, she kneads bread and prepares cheese, she wakes up her children and breakfast is ready for everyone. Then men wake up. In this small village, thirty kilometres from Bethlehem, the rate of secondary education (33% against the national average of 77.6%), especially among girls, is low due to the lack of schools and the difficulty to reach them, there are no health facilities at distances walked on foot and nowadays some women are still dying giving childbirth.


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