Diego Zanetti photographer

THE LAST PEOPLE’S COURAGE (Bethany, Palestinian Territories)

IL CORAGGIO DEGLI ULTIMI (Betania, Territori Palestinesi)

In Bethany, a small Palestinian village, just beyond the wall that hides Jerusalem, Samar Sahhar has been fighting for almost 40 years to give orphans a better future, challenging prejudice and closure. At the Lazarus Home for Girls about thirty small orphans live. Safir was found in a poultry burned. Nanni chained in a cave, Nahl and Kabylia abused for years by their fathers and brothers. Besides them, Samar is going to care for the seventy orphaned male children in El Amal Jeel (Generation of Hope) next to the girls’. These could be the first victims of war: an orphan has no one, he is the ideal candidate to become a suicide bomber, a victim of despair first of all, with no school where to go or a job to plan his future.


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