Diego Zanetti photographer

REPAYMENT (Padua, Italy)

Riscatto (Padova, Italia)

There are 90 inmates in the prison "Two Palaces" in Padova working for Rebus, a Consortium of Social Cooperatives. They are engaged in shifts of four hours. Some create mannequins exported to USA and Japan. Someone else assembles suitcases for an important firm: their job is so good to lower the number of discards, bringing home some delocalised production. For another well-known company, they produce jewellery designed to 11 thousand shops spread all over the world. The work allows a drastic reduction of recidivism: only 5-10% of those who worked in a cooperative go back to prison: the national average is 80%. This means more security, reduction of social costs and lower expenses borne by the judiciary system.


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